Prenatal Pilates


‘Preparing the body for birth’

During pregnancy some mothers experience separation of the rectus abdominal muscles due to the growth of the baby in the uterus, others may experience problems during the birthing process but all mothers experience body/muscle changes due to both pregnancy and labour.

What are the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy?

  • Increases body awareness.
  • Improves balance and spatial orientation.
  • Develops flexibility and muscular endurance.
  • Relieves lower-back discomfort and other pregnancy induced aches and pains.
  • Helps with breathing techniques / control which are needed during labour.
  • Helps speed up post-natal recovery.
  • Improves control and strength in pelvic floor and abdominal region.
  • Takes strain off your back and pelvis.
  • Helps with postural aliments associated with pregnancy.
  • Will strengthen gluteus.
  • Helps with a quicker recovery following birth.
  • Strengthens legs to help prevent fluid retention, leg cramps and varicose veins.
  • Strengthens upper body to help prepare you for the physical demands of carrying and caring for a baby.

Prenatal Mat Session


Sessions are aimed at ‘Preparing the body for Birth’ in an intimate mat based group of up to 3 prenatal clients.

Prenatal sessions focus on working the muscles that need strengthening during pregnancy especially the pelvic floor, abdominal, shoulder and back muscles. Sessions are suitable for all women in all stages of pregnancy. However, if you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy a doctor or obstetrician clearance is required.

Suitable for women in all stages of pregnancy.

Postnatal Pilates


‘Rejuvenating the body after birth’

Postnatal care is just as vital to a new mother as prenatal care. Pilates is ideal for allowing the body to recover in the early stages following the birth of your baby.

What are the benefits of Pilates after pregnancy?

  • Helps rehabilitate the pelvic floor, abdominals, and spinal muscles.
  • Reduces appearance of a distended stomach.
  • Provides an avenue for the body to regain strength in a safe environment.
  • Retains muscles to recover from changes experienced during pregnancy.
  • Helps with rectus abdominus separation recovery.
  • Relieves stress associated with body changes and labour therefore helping to reduce symptoms of postnatal depression.
  • Reduce muscle imbalances with breast feeding.

Postnatal Mat Session

Sessions are aimed at ‘Rejuvenating the body after Birth’ in an intimate group of up to 3 post-natal clients.

Postnatal Pilates sessions involve a series of gentle exercises that help strengthen the abdominals, realign the spine, rehabilitate the pelvic floor, help correct postural conditions and strengthen your arms, shoulders and back.

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